Mac OS Ken: Day 6
Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 53 This week Ken flies solo with a quick recap of Apple’s 2008 moves in mobility and a look at what 2009 might bring. Plus which army would you join? And considering the question of “objectionable content.” Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime!
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Mac OS Ken: day 6 No. 52 This week we talk with Eileen Rivera – Senior Producer at Revision 3 – about her current new media work, our shared history at Internet radio legend TechTV Radio, and where this whole mess is heading. Then a bit of a rant about Apple’s decision to marry someone younger. Mac OS Ken: Day 6 – Ask for it by name!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 51.5 In the middle of the week, we go walking through Apple's Macworld announcements with CNET's Tom Merritt, New Media Expo founder Tim Bourquin, and The MacCast's Adam Christianson. Later, I'll donate 2 cents. Excitement, adventure and really wild things... and it's not even Saturday!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 51 This week we talk with music industry veteran Charly Prevost about the tangled web that is the music industry between physical and digital. Plus Smashing Pumpkins smashes albums and the jury is STILL OUT on Steve Jobs and Macworld. Do you know the song, “Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal” by They Might Be Giants? Maybe you should buy it…
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 50 This weekend on Mac OS Ken: Day 6: Greg Grunberg - Matt Parkman from NBC's "Heroes" and drummer from "Band from TV" - will join us to talk about his day job, his band, his charity work, and his gargantuan collection of Apple gear. Dude! Matt Parkman! Plus It's a Small Macworld After All and an idea for making money at this year's Expo. Five-0's coming!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 49 This week we talk with Rick "MacMerc" Yaeger about his time in "The Lab with Leo," HIs new video podcast "MacMerc TV," and his love of the Giant Spirograph. Plus thoughts on conflicting reports on iPod sales this holiday season and a week of insecurity for the Mac and its Maker. Mac OS Ken: Day 11 - ask for it by name!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 The Thanksgiving Explanation The Thanksgiving Explanation is short. Am I thankful for friends and family? Oh yes. Am I thankful for having made it halfway across the country and back in three days safe and sound? You bet! But I am not thankful for the lack of time I met with this week. What does this mean for you? Listen on adventurer. Oh... and sappy as it sounds... I am thankful for you guys and gals. More than I can say. You rock.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 48 This week we talk with Ernie Varitimos – aka Zachary Bass – of Investor in the Wilderness about the hurt being put on Apple stock and why. Next at bat – iPhone Alley’s Michael Johnston joins us to talk iPhone Software 2.2. And batting clean up is Foggy Noggin Software’s own August Trometer to kick around rumors of the Snow Leopard. Plus a full song from The Famous (Son of the Snake)! Currently in Buffalo…
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 47 This week Tim Bajarin - president of Creative Strategies - joins us to do the Apple Year in Review. Plus a petite poke at "The Papermaster Chase" and the first of what could be the only installment of "Fun with Twitter!" Day 6 beckons. Will you answer the call?
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Mac OS ken: Day 6 No. 46 This week we talk with John Martellaro – resident smart guy with The Mac Observer and The iPod Observer – about his Hidden Dimensions piece, “When Licensing Mac OS X Wouldn’t Be Crazy.” Plus a jump on next week’s news and props to the peeps in Al Phlipp and The Woo Team. I’m Ken Ray and I approve this description of the show.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 45 This week is the week I told you was coming a few weeks ago, when we honor “Digital Bill” Douthett. Noting maudlin… just a remembrance… and a bit of gratitude. Plus a song! What could be better than that?
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 44 This week we talk with Geek Rocker Jonathan Coulton about his writing, musical influences, and how becoming a dad meant he HAD to be a rockstar. Plus the songs: Code Monkey - Stroller Town - Re: Your Brains - Shop Vac - Sibling Rivalry - Dance, Soterios Johnson Dance - The Future Soon.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 43 This week we talk with Macworld editor Chris Breen about Apple's new line of laptops. Plus the story of Paris and a look ahead to Episode 44.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 42 This week a parade of podcasters ponders the ultimate question (for this week anyway), "What does Apple mean when it says 'The Spotlight Turns to Notebooks?'" Swoon to the sounds of Don McAllister! Thrill to the chill of Victor Cajiao's logic! Hold your breath as we ask Adam Christianson! And... Um... Dave Hamilton! Worried about Tuesday? Don't Panic! The Answer is Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 42!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 41 This week we talk with Rob Black about Apple's beating on Wall Street and Steve Jobs' day of death. Plus a word of congratulations to two former Day 6 guests, and August Trometer (and countless others) gets ripped off. iReport... no heart attacks required.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 40 This weekend on Mac OS Ken: Day 6 we get to talk with one of my favorite smart people, Ben Bajarin – Director Consumer Technology Practice for Creative Strategies in Silicon Valley about Android, the G1, and the open handset idea versus the Walled Garden approach of out friends in Cupertino. And what about all of those App Store rejection letters? Plus Mom sees her first iPhone, super early thoughts on MySpace Music, and a mystery pitch to pitch A.I. and the technological singularity.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 39 This week Ken puzzles out the campaign about nothing and Microsoft's world without walls with Jonah Bloom - Editor of Ad Age.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 38 This week we talk with ACN member Jerry Zigmont ( about a likely mixup down under. The Mike Lee tells his tale of luggage throwing, basement living, being ousted from a company, and plans to save Madagascar. Plus iPhone software 2.1 is out, and everyone gangs up on Apple (again). You wanna see colossal? I'll show you colossal...
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 37 This week, it’s just you and me. What will Apple intro on Tuesday? And did Ken actually say he wishes Apple would kill the iPod? Plus the final installment (hopefully) of “The Move.” Those are the rules, now let’s play our game.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 36 This week, A Tale of Two App Stores: We’ll talk with P.J. Holden – artist for Murderdrome – about his comic reader app being rejected for the App Store and his time spent in Mega City One. Then August Trometer sings songs of success for his app “Loan Shark.” Plus the latest installment of “This Old House,” and publishing a podcast without Internet access.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 35 This week we talk with The Mac Observer's Jeff Gamet about the MobileMe debacle, Apple PR, the possibility of new iPods and music moves and more. Plus the tiniest update on the move that never ends. Yay! It's Day 6 again! Yay!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 34 This week: News of the Move Part II plus The Mac Cast, iPhone Alley, The Typical Mac User, Mac Geek Gab, and Mac OS Ken look at the iPod and the iPhone. Making friends from NME. Yay!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 33 Where is Ken? Where is Ken going? And what piece of technology is a MUST for a cross-country drive? This short edition of Mac OS Ken: Day 6 will answer all of those questions and more!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 32 We're joined this week by one of my favorite smart people - Tim Bajarin - president of Creative Strategies. Topics include: cloud computing, the MobileMe meltdown, why we shouldn't worry when Steve Jobs loses weight, and future product transitions. Plus I'll mouth off on what I think Apple might do over the next few months. Mac OS Ken: Day 6. Like Mac OS Ken, but different.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 31 This week we talk with Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.TV about her show, women in podcasting, and understanding the magic bus. Plus where the hell was Ken yesterday and what the hell’s happening next? All shall be revealed in just under 42 minutes.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 30 This week, we go around Planet iPhone 3G with stops in Japan, Australia, Indiana, Illinois, and California. Plus notes from the UK and Canada, and an explanation for my lack of iPhone 3G. Take a little trip with me won't you?
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 29 This week Nicholas Raba - president of SecureMac - talks to us about the rash of OS X vulnerabilities of late and how we can protect our Macs. Then Jeff Macpherson - Tiki Bar TVs Dr. Tiki - joins us to talk podcasting, drinking, and the trouble with Rogers Wireless.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 28 This week we talk with Jesse, Ben, and Ari X about their new venture - Squish Software - and the their flagship product ServeBlast, as well as Ari's misadventures getting into the iPhone Software Developer Program. Plus things I don't understand and three Apple-related brushes with greatness in one week!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 27 This week we talk with Stephen Page of CBS Radio about turning the iPhone into a radio and turning radio into one big podcast.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 26 This week we get an insider's look at WWDC with Foggy Noggin Software's August Trometer. Plus some thoughts on the health of Steve Jobs and Apple, why I'm laying off of Snow Leopard, and - six months later - how is your investment working out?
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 25 This week financial analyst Rob Black weighs in with a Wall Street perspective on Apple: Does Wall Street care about the App Store? Does the enterprise matter yet to Apple stock? What if there's no 3G iPhone announcement Monday? Listen in and find out. Plus I have questions about "Snow Leopard" 10.6 and requiem for a former music heavyweight. Day 6 comes one day early! Yay!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 24 On this new media centric edition we talk with Tim Bourquin - founder of the New Media Expo - about the weather.

Kidding. We'll be talking about the New Media Expo. Plus TalkShoe gives its business model the boot and Uncle Ken offers advice on how not to do a podcast.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 23 This week we talk with Raven Zachary - founder of iPhone DevCamp about iPhone DevCamp 2 and the approaching WWDC. We'll also hear from Jake Harms on his business in iMaquariums. Plus evidence of something new from Apple and Ken says why he's angry at the music industry.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 22 What a Thursday it was. Today we talk with Tom Merritt of CNET about the CBS acquisition of his employer (announced Thursday). Then we'll chat with Tech Superpowers founder and president Michael Oh about running an Apple Authorized Reseller in the shadow of Apple's new Boston Store (opened Thursday).
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 21 This week we hash out rumors, thoughts, and theories on the 3G iPhone with Rob Walch of Podcast 411 and Today in iPhone. Buzz buzz buzz, chatter chatter chatter.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 20 This week we talk with Jonathan Zittrain - author of The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It - about The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It. Fun!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 19 This week Chris Alexander – Manager of Interactive Technology at The San Jose Museum of Art – talks about iPods, iPhones, and art. Tim Bajarin stops by to demystify (or try to demystify) the 700MHz FCC auction and what it means for consumers. Plus new news since last we spoke and opposing emails. Call the neighbors! Wake the kids! It’s Mac OS Ken: Day 6!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 18 This week we talk with Gary Morgenthaler of Morgenthaler Ventures about Apple eating Microsoft's lunch. Plus the president of PsyStar speaks (and fails to convince) and Apple changes its updater for Windows users (and fails to please Mozilla). Gooble Gooble!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 17 This week we climb aboard the enterprise (lower case e) with Business Week and Gartner. Then we climb aboard the Enterprise (upper case e) and revisit an interview with space artist Rick Sternbach (http://ricksternbach). Plus the attack of the 8th graders continues (and they're all tied to Macs). Ahimsa. Is that the word I'm looking for?
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 16 Robots and History and Apple Bashing - Oh MY! Steve Woniak on this edition of Mac OS Ken: Day 6!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 15 Shafted by his guest Ken flies solo again this week. Topics include 3G iPhone rumors, buying music in Liberty City, and how to speak French. But mostly Ken answers listener email.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 14 This week we talk with Ben Bajarin about moves around the onlilne music world. Plus blowback over Apple pushing Safari through the Apple Updater.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 13 Flying solo this week.. Ken looks at music moves online and Disney digital past, present, and future. 

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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 13 Flying solo this week... and wondering if he should have... Ken hits music news online, the death of an A.I. pioneer, and looks at Disney digital moves past, present, and future.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 12 Our look at the iPhone SDK continues with Raven Zachary of the July 2007 iPhone Dev Camp. Plus betting on a song and Ken shoots and scores!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 SDK Extra! On this Day 6 Extra - August Trometer of Foggy Noggin Software ( gives his thoughts on this weeks iPhone SDK event and Ken makes fun him.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 11 This week we talk iPhone SDK with financial analyst Rob Black and Today in iPhone host Rob Walch. Next week its all guests named Viggo with Viggo Mortensen and Viggo the Carpathian (aka Viggo the Cruel and Viggo the Torturer and Viggo the Despised and Viggo the Unholy) On second thought - no Viggo show.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 10 This week we talk with Dave Hamilton of The Mac Observer about the Apple no-show at NAB / calling off the RAID / spreading the word on podcasts / faux pas in new media and more!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 9 This week we talk with Bruce Elgort about Lotus Notes for the iPhone - Tim Bajarin about the possibilities and potential for the iPhone SDK - and David Spark about Microsoft and Yahoo and News Corp and TechTV (which I liike to call the golden year).
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 8
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 7 This week Ken talks with Macworld Senior Editor Chris Breen about the MacBook Air, the cloud, Apple TV, The Macworld All Star Band, and the stink of Microsoft. Plus smartphone news, dumb phone news, the flash crash, and how Hollywood is killing the economy. Mostly kidding about Hollywood.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 6 This week we talk with visual futurist Syd Mead. Plus the guy and gal at GeekBrief TV inflate my ego. We also look at the ugly week for Apple on Wall Street and why I am happy about falling NAND. Mac OS Ken is 2 years old today! Its a celebration listeners!
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Raw audio of the Mac Podcaster Meetup and Mingle with Scott Bourne of the Apple Phone Show / Leo Laporte of TWiT / Dave Hamilton of Mac Geek Gab / Cali Lewis of Geek Brief TV / Adam Christiansen of The MacCast / Victor Cajiao of The Typical Mac User Podcast / Me
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 5 This week is a little stream of consciousness. Topics include: Macworld announcements, truly ubiquitous computing, an interview with Rob Daly – Test Lead for Microsoft Word for Mac, who got what predictions right, thoughts on the Mac Podcaster Meet Up and Mingle, and the interconnectedness of all things. And Gods apparent OCD.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 4 This week we talk with August Trometer of Foggy Noggin Software ( about what we expect from Macworld 2008. Plus SOny BMG shows up on AmazonMP3 and we look at my Macworld calendar.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 3 This week we talk with Alykahn Jetha - CEO of Marketcircle - about why Apple should NOT go after the enterprise. Plus news of Sony BMG dropping DRM and how I want to spend your money.
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