Mac OS Ken: Day 6
Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 19 This week Chris Alexander – Manager of Interactive Technology at The San Jose Museum of Art – talks about iPods, iPhones, and art. Tim Bajarin stops by to demystify (or try to demystify) the 700MHz FCC auction and what it means for consumers. Plus new news since last we spoke and opposing emails. Call the neighbors! Wake the kids! It’s Mac OS Ken: Day 6!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 18 This week we talk with Gary Morgenthaler of Morgenthaler Ventures about Apple eating Microsoft's lunch. Plus the president of PsyStar speaks (and fails to convince) and Apple changes its updater for Windows users (and fails to please Mozilla). Gooble Gooble!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 17 This week we climb aboard the enterprise (lower case e) with Business Week and Gartner. Then we climb aboard the Enterprise (upper case e) and revisit an interview with space artist Rick Sternbach (http://ricksternbach). Plus the attack of the 8th graders continues (and they're all tied to Macs). Ahimsa. Is that the word I'm looking for?
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 16 Robots and History and Apple Bashing - Oh MY! Steve Woniak on this edition of Mac OS Ken: Day 6!
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