Mac OS Ken: Day 6
Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 92.3 MMMess in the US and the Windows 7 Launch Party videos
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 92 Lorene Romero talks MCE 2009 and Taz Goldstein talks
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 91.3 Mister Softy Negative - Net Neutral - New Mac Positive
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 91 A look at music and Apple and Google and the FCC.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 90.3 This week Ken and Clayton talk a little bit about Apple TV (having discussed into the ground in the past) and a wee bit about the Zune HD (since Ken finds it hard to care as much about the Zune HD as he would rebuilding the railroad).
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 90 Bill Plamer of iProng Magazine Ross Rubin of NPD Group on 9/9/9 announcements.
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 89.3 This week Clayton and Ken pick over the latest in Apple TV talk. Ken is convinced Caris and Company is wrong. Then, try as they might, Clayton and Ken cannot help hitting the upcoming Apple event. The loop. The loop. The loop is on fire!
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 89 Jim Dalrymple
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Mac OS Ken: Day 6 No. 88.3 This week we talk about next week. Thoughts on what Apple will show and who will show it. Plus an email on music and thoughts on killing Flip.
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